Welcome to your 2019-2020 Benefits!

We understand how important benefits are to employee’s and their family. This website provides an overview of the benefits available and the steps to enroll in benefits.

Watch Video

Learn about the benefits available to you and your dependents as an employee.

Read Benefit Guide

Compare benefits products and costs to be able to make the best benefit related decisions for yourself and your family.

Gather Information

Collect your dependents’ information if you intend to add them to your plans. You’ll need full names, birth dates and Social Security numbers. Decide on your beneficiaries. Be sure to have full names, addresses, birth dates, and social security numbers.

Enroll Online

Click the above link (Enroll Now) to enroll online via the UltiPro Online Enrollment Tool.

Make sure you take a minute to download and read the Online Enrollment for Benefit Instructions.

How do I enroll using UltiPro

Enrolling in benefits is quick and easy! Learn more by watching the video.

Learn more about how to enroll through your UltiPro account by clicking on the play button.

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Participate in 401K

Participate in the company's 401K plan to help build towards a comfortable income during retirement. Learn more by watching the video or visiting www.retiresmart.com.

Learn more about the importance of enrolling in your company's 401K plan by clicking on the play button.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is an Eligible Dependent?
Eligible dependents are your legal spouse of the opposite sex. Your dependent children younger than age 26. Dependent children 26 and older who cannot care for themselves.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my benefits?
Please call 817-693-2890 or email benefits@323personnel.com.
When do my deductibles and out of pocket accumulations reset?
While your insurance is on a plan year of June 1 through May 31, your deductibles and out of pocket accruals are on a calendar year of January 1 – December 31.
Are braces covered under our plan?
I usually wear contacts, but I like to wear glasses on occasion. Can I get both?
Yes, under our vision plan, if you use an in-network provider, you have the ability to get BOTH glasses and contacts.
When do my benefits end if leave the company?
Your Medical, Dental and Vision coverages will last through the end of the month in which you leave the company. All other benefits end on your last day of employment. If you are enrolled in Medical, Dental or Vision, you will receive information on how to apply for COBRA coverage.
If I decide not to elect coverage at this time, will I be able to elect coverage later?
If you choose not to elect coverage when you are initially eligible, you will not have the option to enroll again until open enrollment unless you have a qualifying life event. If you think you have experienced a QLE, please contact a member of HR.